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Babyology - 'Washable bib smocks from Little Chomps mean less mess at mealtimes'

'Lucky me, I’ve found this smock that will mean less mess and more fun with food. Little kids long to play with their food, it is how they learn about tastes, textures, and get the motor skills needed to feed themselves. But letting them feed themselves means extra mess, right? Not with the Messy Mealtime Smock from Little Chomps. Don the smock, unleash the foodie fun, then just whip it off and voila! Clean kid, happy parent.' Full article here


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Baby-led weaning - Featured 'useful product'

A Healthy Slice of Life - 'Things I'm loving lately'

'I love sharing great baby products with you when I run across them and I have to tell you about Little Chomps Mealtime Smock. It’s perfect for those interested in baby led weaningI usually strip Kaitlyn down for messier/dipping meals, but this machine-washable, soft smock is easy to slip on and has been such a time saver! Don’t moms make the best inventors of baby products?' Full review here


Featured 'Upfront' in Australia's Child Magazine, July 2015


My Lovely Little Lunchbox
'This wonderful smock is designed by a gorgeous Aussie mum and is perfect for baby led weaning! Not only is it waterproof, wipeable, machine-washable, and provide better all-round protection for sleeves, laps and sides than other sleeved bibs or cotton feeding smocks but it doesn’t have that silly plastic bag sound that so many other smocks do. In the past I have tried other smocks but my little ones were too distracted with the sound of the plastic rather than eating which was totally frustrating. Mr H. absolutely loves his new smock and I do too!' Full review here


Baby/Kid Food Universe

'I have to say straightaway: THIS IS A MUST HAVE ladies! I have the biggest meal messer in the world and this has definitely saved my life it’s a wonderful product, I love it big time and in highly recommending it for parents with messy eaters'. Full review here 


Yummy Mummy's World

'A few long-sleeved bibs are a worthy investment because they’ll save you lots of time and money in washing. I’ve tried loads – pretty sleeveless smocks (nice for dining out), pelican bibs (great for catching crumbs and errant raisins), towelling apron bibs (good coverage but need a lot of washing). My absolutely favourite are by Little Chomps'. Full article here


Baby Led Weaning Equipment
'The best thing about the Little Chomps smock though is the fact that the food on it just wipes straight off- you can use a wet wipe or a damp cloth or even kitchen roll and it wipes straight off! Everyone I've seen and heard talking about it raves about it. I cannot see any busy mums or dads regretting this purchase- for baby led weaning it's a must have!' Full article here


Bramble Bites
'I would highly recommend this to any parent especially those going down the baby led weaning route. It even comes in a little zip lock bag you can keep it in for travelling, such a nice touch'. Full review here


Cooking for Busy Mums

'Both mum and dad found the smock amazing, they were impressed with how much of their little guy was covered when wearing the smock and how incredibly easy it was to clean – a simple wipe and it was ready for the next meal'. Full review here


'We've given the smock a thorough road test with some of our messiest meals - it has performed admirably against beef casserole, yoghurt, and spaghetti bolognese. My favourite feature is that the material doesn't soak up much mess (unlike the towelling bibs I have) so it's pretty much as good as new after a decent wipe-clean' Full review here