'Thanks little chomps! no more bath after every meal lol they used to have 3 bath a day, that's 9 baths (triplets). glad to have found you!! total lifesaver' L.C 16/08/18

'Just received our Little Chomps smocks and OMG I/we love them. I thought they were going to be a hard plastic, for some reason I was just expecting that and wow - so beautiful so soft and 8mo did not fuss about wearing it what so ever. What a fabulous investment' M.M 17/05/18

'Thanks littlechomps! Patrick (6months) loves his smock and gives me no hassle when putting his arms through. Has saved mummy on lots of washing too!' K.O 08/08/18

'My son simply loves his new Messy Mealtime Smock, as soon as he sees me bringing it toward him, his face lights up. Brilliant product, great work' P.M 29/05/18

'Thanks for the smocks – we bought 3 last week and now can’t live without them!' N.E 07/05/18

'I genuinely couldn't live without them and can't recommend them enough! One of my all time favourite products, we have them in short and long sleeve' P.P 17/03/2018

'We LOVE our Little Chomps Smock for dinner time! Our gorgeous threads are saved' B.B 16/01/18

‘Amazing customer service and product. We have already 'tested' it out today. Bubs was happy she got to play lots with her food, make a mess and learn; and mama was happy having a stress-free meal (I really wasn't coping with the messy food being smooched onto the clothes, even though I know it is good for her to play with her food) and not having to do a change of clothes post meal. A more fun filled day has been had as we went straight from eating to more playing!’ F.C 12/07/17

'Amazing- have had it for a week for my nearly 9 month old and it has quartered my washing- letting her eat all the messy stuff now! Tastes better when it's messy anyway- and her clothes stay spotless!! So good couldn't recommend it enough' - R.F 23/6/17

'We have one for M, still fits her. I should have bought it when she stated solids best investment ever!! - A.K 24/05/17

'Changed my life and my laundry! Amazing! Recommended to all my mother's group who've now all bought one too!' - S.R 28/4/17

'Best investment for me and my bubba! So easy to put on and take off, as well as easy to clean. Highly recommend this product' - C.M 17/4/17

'Thank goodness for our @littlechomps, genuinly couldn't cope without it!' - P. P 29/3/17

'BEST thing I purchased for Baby Led Weaning!!!! No more undressing or dirty clothes from meals or full baths after meals! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! I would love to hug the person who made these!!!!!' - R.I 13/3/17

'I just wanted to thank you for your ingenious product!! They are fantastic and I am SO happy with my purchase and your exceptional service' E.H 28/2/17

'Such a laundry saver!!! The quality should also be mentioned as its one of the few things that have lasted both of my children. Highly recommended' J.C 13/2/17

'Can't recommend this smock enough! I've used this for both my little ones and it is just fantastic' L.G 13/2/17

'So easy to clean and great quality' J.W 14/2/17

'I love my smock, I don't know why I waited so long to get my hands on one!' E.A 15/10/16

'It's huge, it literally covers their entire body!! Sooooo good' B.S 24/8/16

'You save us and his clothes every day! Thank you!' S.M 21/8/16

'We're loving our Little Chomps smock, so easy to wipe clean rather than put in the wash each meal' J.G 7/7/16

'Just wanted to say how much I am loving the feeding smock. I'm glad I bought 2. One for home and one lives in the nappy bag. It has saved me from having to completely change his clothes EVERY SINGLE FEED!!! Thank you.' E.S 19/6/16

'Best. Idea. Ever. I have been looking for these everywhere' J.C 3/6/16

'Fantastic product and perfect for messy bubs! Big fan!' C.R Jun-16

'I love the soft, slightly stretchy fabric. And wiping it down is so easy. This is my third baby and I wish I'd had this with the others (they were stuck in crunchy raincoat material with stained white elastic at the cuffs!)' S.R 28/3/16

'All I can say is thank goodness for @littlechomps bibs or eating out would not be a possibility for little miss' E.C 8/1/16

'Wow super speedy delivery to the UK - as you can see it was much needed for my enthusiastic daughter who, for a change remained remarkably clean underneath her new smock - many thanks!' A.M 10/11/15

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'These are those most child and parent friendly item to have in the house! We love it' C.B 3/11/15

'We cannot thank you enough for our smock. When starting solids, we were using 3-4 bibs/muslin cloths per day and changing our little man's outfits after each meal. You've made messy mealtimes a thing of the past! We'll definitely recommend to anyone who is starting the weaning process. Thank you!' L.S, 2/7/15

'I have recently received one of your bibs, and I am quite simply amazed! I've tried just about every bib going, but yours is amazing! The style, the fit, the poppers, the length, the fabric. Everything!! I'm just gutted that I only discovered it on baby number 4! Well done on a superb product!!' S.C 22/6/15

'Thank you Little Chomps the bibs I ordered arrived this morning and my 7m old daughter and I absolutely love them. Perfect for baby led weaning, her clothes were spotless despite her feeding her self strawberries and yogurt. She was very comfortable wearing it, which meant she ate more and they are very easy to clean. Just wish I had these when my son was little, these are so much better than anything I used with him. Totally worth paying the delivery charge from Aus to UK.' K.J, 20/6/15

'Thank goodness for our Little Chomps Smock! Definitely in my top ten must haves as a new mum!' @threexfourkids 18/6/15

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'Little Chomps I absolutely love your smock for my exceptionally messy 9month old DS. It's a lifesaver! I was seriously getting over 3 clothes changes, soaking and scrubbing of clothes!' L.C 11/6/15

'Just got ours in the mail yesterday, used it this morning for breakfast... EXCELLENT! It is saving my sanity and washing pile!' K.S, 12/4/15

'Feeding is easy & clothes are always clean' C.B, 5/3/15

‘It's the solution I have been looking for and it works!’ D.Z, 17/2/14

‘She likes wearing it and I like cleaning it! Happy babe and mama!’ Shannon, 24/2/14

‘I think it's a wonderful design and would recommend it to others. I love products that make my life easier’ 10/2/14

‘Keeps her completely food free and I don’t have to change her’ C.R, 26/2/14

‘For once I didn't have to change his clothes!’ L.T, 25/1/14

‘Without a doubt, it prevents food stains, wet clothes etc’ Gabby, Feb 2014

‘Soooo easy to clean with a cloth. Glides off. Happy days. Keeps baby perfectly dry’ 14/3/14

‘No messy sleeves anymore!’ J.H, 4/2/14

‘Good fit and easy fasten, on and off’ Feb 2014

‘Excellent coverage’ R.M, 17/2/14

‘Tucking the smock around his legs in the highchair has meant that his clothes have been fully protected’ R.W, 11/02/14

‘It's well-made, comfortable and functional’ R.W, 11/02/14

‘It's easy to clean and waterproof!  I also like the sleeve design. No more juices running down my sons arm’ A.N, 28/01/14

‘The best option I have seen’ Leah, 25/1/14

‘Love the length of it, means that bubs body doesn’t get dirty even in the high chair’

‘Very soft! Nothing scratching or pulling’

‘Fewer full washes needed compared to our other smock as it wipes clean so easy. Love it. Have been using it lots’

‘Lovely material and easy to wipe clean’

‘The fit is secure and I like the press stud back rather than the Velcro back’