"Highly recommend! These really are the best feeding smocks! Covers over clothes really well so bub is clean underneath, saving you from having to change clothes after every meal as well as the floor! Very soft. Would recommend purchasing a few as we only bought one to try and will be buying more as they are so great." - TB 01/05/24

"Best Smocks we've purchased. After trying out many different smocks, we are so happy with these ones for our 1 yr old. The length of the smock is perfect as our little one would always get food all over her trousers otherwise. It is also very easy to clean with just wipes." - Nabin 30/04/24

"Best bib for messy toddlers! A friend recommended these bibs and I purchased along with some cheaper options and the little chomp bibs are so much better I don’t even need to use the others. I will definitely be purchasing more. So easy to wipe down and great coverage for my messy toddlers. Highly recommend and definitely worth the extra money!" - Kiera 29/4/24

"Long time user ! Love Little Chomps! Used these super cute, great quality bibs with our first child (still using them almost 3 years later) and have just purchased a couple more for baby number two about to start solids. Our very first bib has just started to wear thin and lose its waterproof coating, but has now become our craft/painting smock. Great quality, I recommend to all my new mum friends! 😊" - Kate 25/04/24

"The only smock we use! After trying many different ones and being frustrated about clothes still getting dirty we are so happy to have found mini chomps. They fit so well and are easy to wash and or wipe down. My 2.5y old and 1 yr old wear them for every meal" - Nikolett 23/04/24

"Hands down the best. If you're unsure, let me tell you, this is far superior to anything else. You'll get ads from so many drop-shipping smocks, don't bother with them. It's a waste of money and effort. They have a nice snug fit around the neck - no sneaky t-shirt stains. All over waterproof - just wipe it down, you don't need to wash it every single meal. I love it" - Mel 12/04/24

"Would return time and time again. There really is no better smock than Messy Chomps. I am now on My third child using them and wouldn’t choose any other weaning apron" - Laura 27/03/24

"Excellent for hip-braced bub! Bub is currently in a rhino hip brace and little chomps keeps it fully covered and clean. Much better coverage than others we tried" - Iris 03/03/24

"The best smocks! Have had these since our first Bub, and just repurchased for our second three years later. These smocks last for ages and work perfectly. We tuck them into our high chair so no mess ends up on the floor, they provide the perfect coverage and they’re really comfy for kids with the soft fabric inside. We just wipe them down and reuse for a few meals then chuck them in the wash." - Isabelle 17/01/24

"The best! Was so sick of changing outfits after every meal. Other smocks either didn't cover babes lap or were too loose around the neck. These smocks fix both those issues. And I love that they’re big enough to also cover the cushion insert in the highchair which means another thing I don’t t have to wash. Easy to wipe down, robust fabric and construction. Will only use these from now." - PW 01/01/24

"I bought some of these smocks with and without sleeves for my 8 month Grandson. My daughter absolutely loves them and has them in constant circulation. They wash and dry easily, are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. On top of all of that they are beautiful. Very enthusiastic about little chomps." - Linda 21/12/23

"A feeding must-have! Love this smock. It’s easy to clean, keeps my baby clean underneath and makes the mess of mealtimes so much more manageable. Have just bought another as a gift for a friend. Highly recommend!" - Hannah 06/12/23

"Amazing! These have been perfect for our little man to feed himself without needing to have a full outfit change straight after!" - Sophie 30/11/23

"Awesome! Used for my son 5 years ago and didn’t hesitate to buy one for my daughter when she started solids. Love the new designs!" - Samara 30/11/23

"We have used the long armed smocks in the past so decided to purchase the short armed smock for summer- we love it! Easier to put on, good length and easy to wipe clean. Thanks!" - Verity 30/11/23

"Love love love! We love our messy mealtimes smocks! I just got the short sleeved one which has been perfect in this hot weather! So much coverage, easy to clean or throw in the wash, and keeps me from changing my son’s clothes 3x a day!" - Naomi 30/11/23

"Less messy mealtimes! Love this smock, it’s light weight for packing and for wearing! And has even reduced the double chin cleaning requirements ;)" - Jessica 29/11/23

"Very Impressed! We bought our first smock with a nourishing bubs order. We did it to avoid paying shipping 😛 Since then I have bought three more for my son. They are fantastic. Soft, easy to clean and fast drying." - Manda 28/11/23

"Great bibs! We've used a lot of Bibs for our 3 kids, these are by far the best. They provide great coverage and was really well. The designs are also really cute. I highly recommend them." - 22/11/23

"Love these!! Use with every meal time! Easy to wash. Love them." - Mila 21/11/23

"The best thing ever! Highly recommend! These feeding smocks are the best thing ever! They protect my babies clothes while feeding, even on the messiest of days. They are easy to wipe down or rinse off afterwards. Thick high quality material and snaps. We’ve had ours for nearly a year now and they look basically brand new. They are easy to put on and take off and I love how you have the option of short sleeve for the summer and long sleeve for the winter. Lots of family and friends ask where we got them from and all wish they had gotten a set when their babies were little. Highly recommend! :)" - Jan 20/11/23

"I should have bought these sooner! I had been eyeing these off since reading about them on boob to food but ended up buying another brand when my bub started solids. They were terrible and soon all his clothes became stained. Since ordering these I no longer have that problem! They’re long so cover his legs and are firm around the wrists and necks so nothing sneaks in, very impressed with these. Love that they’re machine washable too, no busy parent has time for hand washing! I’ll be ordering some more as gifts for sure." - Chloe 17/11/23

"Throw out the others! We were gifted a little chomps for our little guy when we started solids. Fast forward a few months I was mad every time it was in the wash! The others just didn’t cover and keep things clean. We’ve now bought three more and couldn’t be happier. Little chomps are also big enough to go on over the high chair straps to keep them clean! 10/10 would recommend!" - Elli 11/11/23

"The best product out there for early stage eaters! This smock is a phenomenal gift for any babies/young children. The perfect coverall in those early days of solids and similarly helpful as children start to feed themselves as preschoolers. Washes perfectly and is really durable. I would highly recommend these to all parents." - Hilary 30/10/23

"Great product for mess free feeding! Fits my 6 month old who is on the larger side great, is nice and snug but not tight around the wrists and neck so no leakage and covers him well so his clothes don't get messy" - Kelly 11/10/23

"Love this smock! So easy to use and clean. Covers everything. Highly recommend!" - Renae 09/10/23

"Clothing saver! I have one of these for my son so went hunting to find for my daughter too. They are great, saves so much washing and super easy to clean. Worth the investment for sure!" - Sarah 28/09/23

"Great smock! Amazing product, love it!! Great costumer service as well. Highly recommend!!" - Iris 23/09/23

"Best smocks on the market! The soft material, the snug fit perfect for keeping clothes clean, the smocks themselves are easy to clean, there is nothing to dislike! Postage was quick too, absolutely top notch" - Aimee 23/09/23

"The best smocks for little ones! The best smocks for starting out on solids, saves on a lot of washing clothes. We use them everyday and have had alot of other mums ask us where we got them from. Easy to wipe down and reuse the same day or have a few on rotation. Highly recommend" - Cera 20/09/23

"Great! These smocks are awesome. Very good coverage, easy to clean, long lasting. Would recommend" - Lucy 11/09/23

"Amazing bib smock! I bought 2 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve bib smocks. They fit so well, the length on the arms and base is just right and the elastic around the wrists are perfect too. Wish I’d bought them sooner and bought more of them!" - Emma 10/09/23

"Great smock! Awesome smock for baby led weaning. My fourth baby and i wish I had them for the others. I give it a good tuck in at the sides and my seven month old's clothes are usually perfectly clean post meal!" Jennifer 03/09/23

"Sanity saver! The messy mealtime smock makes it easy for me to ‘let go’ of the mess that comes with the early stages of baby led weaning. We just pop on the smock, embrace the learning (and the mess that comes with it) and remove at the end for a quick clean up. It also machine washes and dries beautifully." - Brionie 31/08/23

"A great smock! This smock is fantastic! Fits my 6 month old easily. Love that the arms are elasticised so good doesn’t find it’s way through! Long enough to cover everything it needs to and washes super easy!" - Clare 31/08/23

"Great product! This smock is a lot more effective at keeping baby clean than a silicone bib. I was so sick of soaking clothes, this smock makes the mess of mealtimes more bearable!!" - Eve 18/08/23

"Love these!! Absolutely love these smocks! I am just about to order some more... I previously had the Target ones but had to use a bib and a tea towel on my little ones legs to keep him clean, now I only need these smocks! So much easier!" - Bree 17/08/23

"Fantastic! I love my Little Chomps smock! My 6 month old bub is small for her age and the small size fits perfectly with room to grow! It is easy to wipe clean and is super cute!" - Sophie 15/08/23

"Best smock ever! This smock is by far the best one I have used. So easy to put on, easy to clean and long enough that it covers my baby completely so meal times are easy. No more dirty clothes! Great quality too! Love it! Will be purchasing more :)" - Diana 15/08/23

"Best smock bibs ever!!! As a first time mum, the world of solids and BLW started VERY messily - I was desperate to find an easier way. A friend recommended Little Chomps and I'm just sad I didn't get one sooner. I love that they're longer than any other smocks, covering the knees and the extra protection at the back means no food, and I mean NO FOOD ever gets on my bubs clothes! These have saved me thousands $$$ on Sard and so much less time washing. Thank you!!!" - Jessica 15/08/23

"Best smocks ever !! Love them. Bought two for my first child and three years later and lots of washing cycles and wrong washing drying they are still absolute great and I use them everyday!and I just recently bought new ones for my second baby. Absolutely great!!" - M 10/08/23

"Best smocks! I’ve thrown all my other smocks out these are hands down the best! So long!!! The amount of pants my daughters had stained before I started using these bibs is embarrassing, we don’t have that problem anymore. They wipe clean so well too. LOVE!" - Nicole 08/08/23

"Practical, saves washing bibs, quality fabric! I was recommend the Little Chomps smock by a mum friend after seeing her kids using them. I looked at other brands, but found the Little Chomps fabric far superior. It wipes easily, it folds well for the nappy bag and it fit well too" - Megan 08/08/23

"Such a relief! Bought these on the recommendation of a friend, when I was feeling exhausted by the mess that comes from introducing solids. Clean up feels so much easier now, which is such a relief. Used to have to change outfits after every meal but no more! His clothes are so well covered that they usually stay perfectly clean" - Rachel 02/08/23

"The best yet! This smock is fantastic, I’ve tried two other popular brands before this but they didn’t perform nearly as well. The extra length and side coverage is really great too. And I so appreciate that safety testing has been performed on these. Thanks for a great product!" - Steph 02/08/23

"Great product! Easy to clean, cute and a good fit. Short sleeve is great for bigger toddlers. I had the long sleeve for when she was a baby and worked so well as well!" - Paula 31/07/23

"Went back to buy more! My 7mo little girl didn’t fit into three other smock brands and bubs weren’t enough. Every meal resulted in ruined clothes. This smock fits her like a glove and love the material!" Claire 29/07/23

"Great buy! Fantastic quality and fit" - Phoebe 24/07/23

“Makes meal times and clean up less stressful! I am super happy with this purchase. Firstly, it is the only smock I have found that fits my little girl snugly around her wrists and neck to stop food and water creeping in and onto her clothing, but it’s long enough to cover her knees and the snap buttons at the neck and back prevent her from being able to pull at it and bring it to her mouth to suck on” – Elishia 22/07/23

"Great coverage And so easy to clean! Love these! I've bought multiple for my twins. Much faster than cleaning up mess on their clothes or having to change their outfits" - Fran 14/07/23

Best bib I purchased! I had previously purchased smocks from target and other places none of them worked and my son was still super messy after meal times. Purchased these as a few Instagram accounts raved about them. Well I’m glad I purchased them! They are fantastic and will be recommending them to all my friends who are just about to become mums!” – Laura 10/07/23

A must for BLW! No more excessive amounts of laundry due to spillages, these are the best smocks and no other brand compares. They have the right amount of length and waterproof material everywhere which I found is what other smocks lacked. I’ve already purchased 3 more!– Jamie 10/07/23

Best smock! This is the best smock we've tried. My baby doesn't try to take this one off so it must be comfortable. I also like that it fits well around the wrists. Also easy to wipe clean” – Claudia 07/07/23

"Little Chomps - We now have 4 Little Chomps bibs and highly recommend them for eating and playing! They’re durable and still appear like new wash after wash!" Kobie 04/07/23

"Would buy again! Second time buying smocks. Work amazingly!" - Felicity 28/06/23

"Complete clothes protection from food and artwork! I ordered 5 smocks some with long sleeves and some short (for summer) They are soft and easy to wear also do not create any allergic reaction like the plastic/rubber bibs I’ve tried" - Sonia 28/06/23

"Clean up made easier for my twins! My twinnies love their turtle and wombat little chomps, giving them a hug at meal times. I’m loving how they protect their clothes so less washing and clean up. Should have brought them earlier for the solids journey" - Michelle 27/06/23

"So impressed! Found Little Chomps via Boob2Food. Loved our first 2 smocks so much I went back and bought 3 more! They are now all in rotation and have saved soo much extra washing that I was having to do with a regular bib or smocks with less coverage. Seem to be wearing brilliantly after washing. Thank you Little Chomps!" - Laura 22/06/23

"A reliable food smock - Effective in protecting the clothes and nice and soft for the bubbas - Persis 22/06/23

"No more mess! Perfect present for my little grandson who just turned 1 year old. He loves his food but his mum loves this product as it keeps him clean thank you" - Christine 20/06/23

"Best decision we ever made! Do you hate mess at food time with your little one. Buy this. Buy it IMMEDIATELY ! Hear these words. Machine washable dries quick .. done sold. Go now run don’t walk" - Sophia 13/06/23

Couldn’t do meal times without this smock! All the mess just wipes off so easily and dry’s quickly, ready for the next meal!” – Georgia 31/05/23

Loving the long sleeve smock! It makes cleaning up after mealtimes so much more efficient. No longer need to change clothing after every meal as food is all captured in the smock.” – Renee 25/05/23

Couldn't imagine meals without it! I was recommended this product through Baby Mealtimes, and it is definitely worth the investment. The quality is great, even after multiple washes. It has given me confidence to let baby play with her food and know her clothes won't be ruined (anything to avoid another load of washing!). Can confirm have given beetroot puree with white top underneath, not a drip reached her clothing with little chomps on! Highly recommend!” – Katy 24/05/23

Started out with one, I now own eight for two kids - perfect for mealtimes, cooking, and craft. We’ve had the original smock for two years and it’s still going strong. Every friend expecting a baby gets one for their baby shower present now!” – Shannon 23/05/2023

Best bibs ever! I wish I knew about these for my older 2 children! These smock bibs have saved me so much washing and prevented stains. They are easily wiped over or thrown in the wash when needed” – Kate 17/05/23

"Fantastic! First time user. Amazing quality! Wish I knew about this when my son started solids! Hope you’re creating more colours and designs for older kids" - Imelda 22/04/23

"Love it! I purchased the toddler messy mealtimes smock and can I say it was the best money spent. We have been doing baby led weaning since my daughter was 5 months old as she hasn’t liked being spoon fed and the smock is just a life saver! It has been great at protecting her clothes and is saving me washing 5 outfits a day. Have recommended to everyone in my parents group and my friends and family who have messy babies also!" - Bec 07/04/23

"Love, have recommended to friends! I love this for my little girl, I put it on over her high chair straps to protect them as well, it works a treat and then wipe or throw it in the wash. It's great, I have recommended to my friends" - Emma 03/04/23

"The Best smocks. I love these smocks. I bought 3 of them. Really good quality. My little 1 year old absolutely loves them too. I’m so pleased I found you online. 5+ start rating 👌🏼💕☺️" - Tanya 20/03/23

The best! My daughter has been wearing these smocks for the last 2 years and they are still going strong! Wipe down after meals, throw in the washing machine when they’re really messy. They are buttery soft and are so brilliant. They are the gift I now buy for any new baby. Highly recommended!” – Sarah 16/03/23

"Very handy! I’m really enjoying my Little Chomps smocks, they have cut down on my washing by protecting my son’s lap and pants! They’re easy to clean and cute as well - Amy 09/03/23

"The perfect gift! I have purchased many little chomps smocks ! They were recommended to me by my daughter who suggested them to me as the most practical gift for friends. I have given them to new mothers and also my friends becoming grandmothers. I really like the longevity of the gift , my friends love them and I’ve received great feed back. I highly recommend Little Chomps, great service very quick delivery - Robyn 06/03/23

Best purchase I’ve made! No more messy clothes as little chomps fits well around the neck and arms. Have now recommended to other friends too” – Sarah 09/02/23

"No mess bibs! I was recommended these bibs by a friend after complaining that my current bibs weren’t cutting it and that my little boys clothes were getting dirty at every feed. Best purchase I’ve made! No more messy clothes as little chomps fits well around the neck and arms. Have now recommended to other friends too" - Sarah 09/02/23

"Great for keeping stains off clothes and high chair straps! These smocks are fantastic as they are long sleeve and have good length on the smock, which stops stains from food that falls on the lap during meal time. Can highly recommend" - Helen 05/02/23

"Just brilliant! I absolutely love the smock. It’s so easy to pop on and off and, more importantly, easy to clean. Plus the colour and the platypus are so cute!" - Mary 11/02/23

"The best! I purchased these feeding bibs for my grandson who lives in USA - nothing like this is available there at all. The bib is easily put on and taken off avoiding spreading more food mess after feeding. Dispatch was fast and the product looks and feels so luxurious!" - Mary 12/01/23

"Awesome short and long sleeve smocks! These smocks are really good quality. Very easy to clean, can just be wiped! I really love the short sleeve smocks because they're so easy to put on and still airy for baby. They do an awesome job! Definitely recommend!” – Donna 13/01/23

Brilliant product! We’ve tried several different brands of smocks, but none of them compare to Little Chomps smocks. Excellent length, full coverage all the way around to the back and adjustable around the neck. I’ve ordered long and short sleeve smocks now and they have lasted so well. Definitely recommend!” – Elizabeth 12/01/23

Great quality, very well designed! We’re so happy with our purchase. Just wish we’d known Little Chomps sooner! Will definitely recommend to other mums” - Xining 11/01/23

"Your smocks are the best. So soft and easy to clean, not to mention the designs are so cute. We love them!!!" - Trang 02/11/22

"We absolutely LOVE our Little Chomps smocks - such a lifesaver for messy toddler mealtimes!" - Ollie 04/10/2022

"Can confirm this is my third brand of these and yours are by far (no comparison) the best!!!" - Emma 20/5/2022

"These bibs are practical and look cute as a button. They are also very easy to clean. They fit on baby really well so they are comfy too" - Kit 19/10/2022

''These bibs! 😍 I recently purchased 2 for my messy toddler and they are brilliant! The elastic cuffs are firm so we don’t end up with food up his arm and the bib wraps right around his back! Cleanup is so simple, just a quick wipe over then a wash as needed. I wish I had these earlier!' H.W 11/03/22 

'Hi! I just wanted to say I love 😍😍 the bibs! I will never use another brand! I wish I had these for my first baby! They fit perfect, feel nice to touch and clean so easily! I love when I find a new great product! Thank you!' - J.G 24/11/21

'These are the kids favourite because they are buttery soft' - 06/07/21

'These are the BEST ones around, I love the extra length and no pockets!' C.C 26/04/21

'Love Love Love
great quality
easy to use and wipe
little one is comfortable" - S.S 27/11/20

'I love your smock! Bub doesnt have to eat naked, nor I have to bath him after every meal' J.G 30/08/2020

'Best bib/smock I’ve come across! 😍' - J.F 17/06/20

‘This apron is unbelievable! It’s made of some kind of magical unicorn fabric! 🤩🥳 one of the best things I’ve purchased lately thank youuu’ C.H 23/07/20

'LOVE these and will be buying more! I’ve bought lots of other bibs and Little Chomps are the only ones that fit bub comfortably around the neck and arms with lots of room to grow in to. Super comfortable and easy to clean. We made do with one bib and used it 3 times a day everyday for 4 months and it looks as good as they say we bought it. Recommend having both long and short arm, as long arm can be a bit hot in summertime. Highly recommend!' - C.R 01/05/20

'It really is waterproof. Others we have tried are not.' - J.T 12/02/20

'We think its the best money we have ever spent yet, we thank your company so much, it is so easy to clean up :)' B.T 23/01/20

'Best bib for protecting clothes. Clean up is so easy with no more smelly bibs going mouldy in the washing basket! Little Tobie was even clean as a whistle after being fed spaghetti by his big (3 year old) sister' T.S 08/11/19

'I LOVE my daughter's smock. It is so cute, soft, easy to clean and keeps all the food off her clothes' N.E 28/10/19

'I’m loving my little chomps smock! Keeps my little one in clean clothes while having the best time with his food. Neck and arm cuffs are a great size, liquid doesn’t even seep under the chin and in. And I love that it can go over the seatbelt which saves so much cleaning' K.B 18/06/19

'I cannot recommend the Little Chomps bibby dress, as it’s known in our home, enough. I purchased a short sleeve and long sleeve version around the time our cherub was about 11-12 months. We’d been in full swing with solids and self feeding and I was sick of the mess left on our bub’s clothes, even the casual clothes were getting ruined with stains. Wish I’d done it sooner.' N.L 19/12/18

'Received one as a gift and it was the best present. So happy with it. Our 6 month old can explore foods all she likes and little chomps makes it super easy to clean her up afterwards. Very easy to wash and dry' M.R 10/12/18

'I have my little chomps for 2 years and it has saved me from a lot of stain removing and has allowed my little one to enjoy the mess of learning to eat on his own. Would highly recommend this product!' C.M 05/11/18

'We love our smock! It’s perfect! Bub can go at it with his food and his clothes stay pristine 👌🏻 So easy to clean/wipe down. Also great to take out and about for lunches, dinners etc. Thank you!' R.C 10/10/18

'Love love love' S.Z 31/08/18

'We love our little chomps messy meal time smock! We still get to have heaps of fun making a crazy mess but clean up after is so much easier - just a quick wipe down or throw it in the wash after the messier meals 😊' L.L 30/08/18

'Thanks little chomps! no more bath after every meal lol they used to have 3 bath a day, that's 9 baths (triplets). glad to have found you!! total lifesaver' L.C 16/08/18

'Love these smocks just amazing and so easy to clean!!! My messy little eater just got a bit cleaner lol' K.P 23/07/18

'Just received our Little Chomps smocks and OMG I/we love them. I thought they were going to be a hard plastic, for some reason I was just expecting that and wow - so beautiful so soft and 8mo did not fuss about wearing it what so ever. What a fabulous investment' M.M 17/05/18

'Thanks littlechomps! Patrick (6months) loves his smock and gives me no hassle when putting his arms through. Has saved mummy on lots of washing too!' K.O 08/08/18

'My son simply loves his new Messy Mealtime Smock, as soon as he sees me bringing it toward him, his face lights up. Brilliant product, great work' P.M 29/05/18

'Thanks for the smocks – we bought 3 last week and now can’t live without them!' N.E 07/05/18

'These are the best bibs in the world! I wouldn’t use any others now. My 2 year old is still using hers and I’ve just received two new ones for my 7 month old. Thank you Little Chomps' B.S 12/04/18

'I genuinely couldn't live without them and can't recommend them enough! One of my all time favourite products, we have them in short and long sleeve' P.P 17/03/2018

'We LOVE our Little Chomps Smock for dinner time! Our gorgeous threads are saved' B.B 16/01/18

'A must have !!! Since our son started solids we have had so many dirty clothes (some are even stained permanently). We had to use a special "meal time outfit" (some cheap clothing that could get stained). He needed a wash after every feed. But today for the first time no dirty clothes ! No need for a bath ! Best smock ever !!' A.M 07/11/17

'the quality is awesome, mealtimes for my little one are more fun and less messier, very easy to clean, just wipe and your good to go, less worries on stains, happy baby happy mommy and daddy' M.E 05/11/17

'Best bibs ever! Have tried soooo many different bibs since my baby turned 6 months and started BLW! OMG the mess. The only bib that helps me not change her entire outfit and bathe her after every meal is 'Little Chomps'. We have two bibs - one for home and one for out and they are used religiously! A must have for every child once they start solids' C.R 04/09/2017

'Best possible invention for keeping bub clean at mealtime..its SO easy to clean.even my partner can clean up after mealtime without doing a MAN job lol' A.J 12/08/17

‘Amazing customer service and product. We have already 'tested' it out today. Bubs was happy she got to play lots with her food, make a mess and learn; and mama was happy having a stress-free meal (I really wasn't coping with the messy food being smooched onto the clothes, even though I know it is good for her to play with her food) and not having to do a change of clothes post meal. A more fun filled day has been had as we went straight from eating to more playing!’ F.C 12/07/17

'Best smocks ever!! They look nice, feel nice and work wonders!! Very happy' T.W 08/07/17

'Amazing- have had it for a week for my nearly 9 month old and it has quartered my washing- letting her eat all the messy stuff now! Tastes better when it's messy anyway- and her clothes stay spotless!! So good couldn't recommend it enough' - R.F 23/6/17

'We have one for M, still fits her. I should have bought it when she stated solids best investment ever!! - A.K 24/05/17

'Our smock arrived a few days ago for my 14 month old boy and we absolutely love it! Only regret is not getting it sooner and saving lots of messes! Will definitely recommend 

'Changed my life and my laundry! Amazing! Recommended to all my mother's group who've now all bought one too!' - S.R 28/4/17

'Best investment for me and my bubba! So easy to put on and take off, as well as easy to clean. Highly recommend this product' - C.M 17/4/17

'Thank goodness for our @littlechomps, genuinly couldn't cope without it!' - P. P 29/3/17

'BEST thing I purchased for Baby Led Weaning!!!! No more undressing or dirty clothes from meals or full baths after meals! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! I would love to hug the person who made these!!!!!' - R.I 13/3/17

'I just wanted to thank you for your ingenious product!! They are fantastic and I am SO happy with my purchase and your exceptional service' E.H 28/2/17

'Such a laundry saver!!! The quality should also be mentioned as its one of the few things that have lasted both of my children. Highly recommended' J.C 13/2/17

'Can't recommend this smock enough! I've used this for both my little ones and it is just fantastic' L.G 13/2/17

'So easy to clean and great quality' J.W 14/2/17

'I love my smock, I don't know why I waited so long to get my hands on one!' E.A 15/10/16

'It's huge, it literally covers their entire body!! Sooooo good' B.S 24/8/16

'You save us and his clothes every day! Thank you!' S.M 21/8/16

'We're loving our Little Chomps smock, so easy to wipe clean rather than put in the wash each meal' J.G 7/7/16

'Just wanted to say how much I am loving the feeding smock. I'm glad I bought 2. One for home and one lives in the nappy bag. It has saved me from having to completely change his clothes EVERY SINGLE FEED!!! Thank you.' E.S 19/6/16

'Best. Idea. Ever. I have been looking for these everywhere' J.C 3/6/16

'Fantastic product and perfect for messy bubs! Big fan!' C.R Jun-16

'I love the soft, slightly stretchy fabric. And wiping it down is so easy. This is my third baby and I wish I'd had this with the others (they were stuck in crunchy raincoat material with stained white elastic at the cuffs!)' S.R 28/3/16

'All I can say is thank goodness for @littlechomps bibs or eating out would not be a possibility for little miss' E.C 8/1/16

'Wow super speedy delivery to the UK - as you can see it was much needed for my enthusiastic daughter who, for a change remained remarkably clean underneath her new smock - many thanks!' A.M 10/11/15

'My favourite all over smock is from @littlechomps - SO AWESOME! I use it all the time and actually really need to buy another one or two' @lapetitefoodie 19/11/15

'These are those most child and parent friendly item to have in the house! We love it' C.B 3/11/15

'We cannot thank you enough for our smock. When starting solids, we were using 3-4 bibs/muslin cloths per day and changing our little man's outfits after each meal. You've made messy mealtimes a thing of the past! We'll definitely recommend to anyone who is starting the weaning process. Thank you!' L.S, 2/7/15

'I have recently received one of your bibs, and I am quite simply amazed! I've tried just about every bib going, but yours is amazing! The style, the fit, the poppers, the length, the fabric. Everything!! I'm just gutted that I only discovered it on baby number 4! Well done on a superb product!!' S.C 22/6/15

'Thank you Little Chomps the bibs I ordered arrived this morning and my 7m old daughter and I absolutely love them. Perfect for baby led weaning, her clothes were spotless despite her feeding her self strawberries and yogurt. She was very comfortable wearing it, which meant she ate more and they are very easy to clean. Just wish I had these when my son was little, these are so much better than anything I used with him. Totally worth paying the delivery charge from Aus to UK.' K.J, 20/6/15

'Thank goodness for our Little Chomps Smock! Definitely in my top ten must haves as a new mum!' @threexfourkids 18/6/15

'Number two has arrived! Can't say enough about how much time it saves having one of these... Scratch that, two is even better' @itsmypurelife 17/6/15

'Little Chomps I absolutely love your smock for my exceptionally messy 9month old DS. It's a lifesaver! I was seriously getting over 3 clothes changes, soaking and scrubbing of clothes!' L.C 11/6/15

'Just got ours in the mail yesterday, used it this morning for breakfast... EXCELLENT! It is saving my sanity and washing pile!' K.S, 12/4/15

'Feeding is easy & clothes are always clean' C.B, 5/3/15

‘It's the solution I have been looking for and it works!’ D.Z, 17/2/14

‘She likes wearing it and I like cleaning it! Happy babe and mama!’ Shannon, 24/2/14

‘I think it's a wonderful design and would recommend it to others. I love products that make my life easier’ 10/2/14

‘Keeps her completely food free and I don’t have to change her’ C.R, 26/2/14

‘For once I didn't have to change his clothes!’ L.T, 25/1/14

‘Without a doubt, it prevents food stains, wet clothes etc’ Gabby, Feb 2014

‘Soooo easy to clean with a cloth. Glides off. Happy days. Keeps baby perfectly dry’ 14/3/14

‘No messy sleeves anymore!’ J.H, 4/2/14

‘Good fit and easy fasten, on and off’ Feb 2014

‘Excellent coverage’ R.M, 17/2/14

‘Tucking the smock around his legs in the highchair has meant that his clothes have been fully protected’ R.W, 11/02/14

‘It's well-made, comfortable and functional’ R.W, 11/02/14

‘It's easy to clean and waterproof!  I also like the sleeve design. No more juices running down my sons arm’ A.N, 28/01/14

‘The best option I have seen’ Leah, 25/1/14

‘Love the length of it, means that bubs body doesn’t get dirty even in the high chair’

‘Very soft! Nothing scratching or pulling’

‘Fewer full washes needed compared to our other smock as it wipes clean so easy. Love it. Have been using it lots’

‘Lovely material and easy to wipe clean’

‘The fit is secure and I like the press stud back rather than the Velcro back’